Contains all the ways to interact with a tToken, which include minting, burning and even strategies. Let's take a look at what's under the hood here.
  • strategies
    • ITTokenStrategy The interface with the functions required to be implemented in a Dapp strategy contract. It contains the strategy to rebalance(), allows users to withdraw() from a pool or give us the totalUnderlyingSupply() of an underlying asset.
    • compound So far, we only have one current strategy for our ttoken and that is related to the compounddecentralized application
      • The logic of this strategy is found in the TTokenCompoundStrategy.sol
      • More info on the compound strategy can be found here. Note that it implements the ITTokenStrategyinterface
  • TToken contains all the functions required to interact with a ttoken
    • It is ERC20Upgradeable, which means we can upgrade the interface contract to add more functions down the line
    • It can get/set strategies, fund/repay loans, burn tokens to redeem profit and get other metadata of the respective ttoken.
  • LendingFacet.sol contains all the functions required to both create a lending pool (to allow DeFi developers to create their own markets) and to deposit into a pool. Depositing into a pool transfers the underlying asset to the pool and mints new ttokens of the underlying asset into the lender's wallet
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