There are 2 distributor files, one in internal and one in external.
  • internal contains abstracted functions used in claim
  • external contains functions get the NFT and merkle roots from the distribution store. It also checks if an NFT is already claimed


The library directory contains the NFTLib, which help link with the NFT and App storage while also adding functionalities. Functions include:
  • stake stakes an NFT by transferring it to the diamond and adding it to the list of claimed NFTs by the owner
  • unstake unstakes the NFT by removing the NFT from the owner's list of claimed NFTs
  • stakedNFTs retrieves the list of staked NFTs from the owner
  • liquidateNFT if the user fails to pay the loan, it liquidates the NFT by transferring it to the NFT liquidation controller
  • applyToLoan unstakes an NFT and uses it to apply to a loan
  • restakeLinked retrieves the loan's NFTs and adds them back to the list of owner's staked NFTs
  • verifyLoanSize it verifies the NFT id to base loan size using the merkle proof


The interface that defines functions to do the following:
  • getTier returns information about a Tier with from a tier index
  • getTokenTier returns information about a Tier for a token ID
  • getTierHashes returns an array of image hashes stored on IPFS in a tier
  • getOwnedTokens returns an array of token IDs owned by an address
  • mint mints a new token for a Tier index
  • addTier adds a new Tier to be minted with the given information
  • setContractURIHash sets the contract level metadata URI hash
  • initialize initializes the TellerNFT


The NFT facet uses the NFTLib functionalities to help with:
  • getStakedNFTs which gets the staked NFTs mapped to an owner's address
  • getLoanNFTs returns the NFTs mapped to a loan
  • stakeNFTs transfers multiple Teller NFTs to Diamond and applies user stake
  • setNFTMerkleRoot sets a merkle root that is used to verify an NFT ID to its predetermined base loan size
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