Getting Testnet Tokens - Ropsten

Obtain Ropsten test tokens to check out the Teller protocol
Developers are able to leverage the Teller protocol to build their own innovative DeFi products. The protocol is designed in a way that is feature rich enough to power large scale applications, yet simple enough for a weekend hack.
The easiest way to test out the Teller platform and play around with it is to first obtain test USDC, ETH or DAI tokens through either a ‘faucet’ website or the Compound app.

ETH Faucet

Visit and click on the request button (make sure you have your Metamask wallet selected to the network Ropsten).
After the request has been submitted there will be a new transaction link at the bottom of the page
Once the transaction has been confirmed, the test ETH will be in your wallet, congratulations!
Your test ETH balance

USDC through Compound

Open your favourite browser (for the love of all that you hold sacred, please avoid Internet Explorer) and visit Make sure that you have selected the Ropsten network in your metamask.
Select USD Coin from the list of Supply Markets.
Time to get paid! Click on the withdraw tab and then the Faucet at the bottom.
Confirm the transaction and then follow it on Etherscan through the link in your wallet's activity list.
Go to the USDC contract through the link, and then copy the USD Coin (USDC) contract address. You should click:
Finally!! Now add the contract address as a custom token in your Metamask to see your USDC balance.
Use your newly obtained wealth to test out the Teller platform!

DAI through Compound

Fire up your browser and go to (You will need the test ETH obtained earlier to get the Dai test tokens through compound)
Click on the Dai token and select the withdraw tab in the popup. At the bottom of the popup click on FAUCET
Confirm the MetaMask notification and there will be the pending transaction listed
Check the transaction on Etherscan and go to the DAI contract listed
Copy the contract address and import it into your Metamask to see your DAI balance
You’re rich! Don’t go spend it all in one place! (Unless it’s the Teller platform)
Go to Chainlink Ropsten faucet homepage at:​
Complete your address and captcha and receive 100 test LINK tokens.
Go to the transaction hash on Etherscan and copy the contract address from the LINK link (see what we did there?)
Add the contract address to your Metamask wallet as a custom token to check your LINK balance
Early retirement! Enjoy the gold watch in the mail!
Here is the list of Token addresses we use for Ropsten: link​